How to Take the Whole Family on an Escorted Tour of Italy

Traveling with the whole family can be quite stressful especially if your children are still young. To make your vacation less stressful, it would be a good idea for you to take your family on an escorted tour of Italy.

The good thing about taking these escorted tours of Italy is that you will no longer have to spend so much of your time trying to find your way around. Note that some of the best spots in Italy are hard to find so if you do not want to end up missing this places with grumpy children bugging you from the backseat of your car, you should opt for one of the famous escorted tours of Italy.

Preparing Your Trip

Italy is a great country there are plenty of places to go for tourists. Since there are plenty of places to visit, it would be a good idea for you to study the different escorted tours of Italy before picking one. If you are using a travel agency to arrange your trip to Italy, ask them for brochures about these escorted tours in Italy so that you and your family can study them. When studying the different escorted tours in Italy, make sure that you consult your children on what things they want to see.

Yes, you and your children may have different ideas of what things you should see during your trip, but since you are stuck with each other for the whole trip, you might as well make some concessions here and there to make your lives more comfortable. Besides, touring Italy is always fun as even if you do not get things your way; you will still be able to enjoy your vacation.

In the event where you and your kids disagree when choosing which escorted tours in Italy you should take, it would be best to employ the democratic process of asking everyone to vote. Make sure that everyone understands the meaning of voting so that nobody will insist on taking a different destination later on. Go for the tours that get the most number of votes. If you reach a deadlock and nobody wants to give in, it would be best for you to take two of the escorted tours of Italy which have the highest number of votes to make everyone happy.

Find out of other children will be part of the group so that you can plan some kid-friendly spots instead of boring them with too much architectural history or mushy romantic spots.

Holiday Villas in Spain: Appreciating the Culture

Spain is one of the most beautiful places in the world. The marrow twisting old streets that often leads to spectacular views of daring modern architecture is indeed a sight to behold in this part of the world. However, although the cities of Spain are beautiful, the sights that one should seek in Spain are those that can only be found in the outskirts of the city and its enduring cultures and traditions.

For one to be able to fully appreciate that beauty of this country, one should not just pass through this country in a hurry. Staying in one of lovely holiday villas in Spain for a couple of weeks while visiting some of the fascinating places will help one understand the culture and tradition better.

To enjoy Spain fully, you need to visit this place sometime in May, June and September. The weather is mostly excellent during these months so you will not get exhausted easily. Note that the weather can be very hot in Spain during the summer that you can’t do much exploring during the day without getting exhausted by the sweltering heat. To avoid the oppressive heat, try not to schedule your trip to Spain during the summer. Also, you may want to avoid the influx of tourists around July and August. People from all over the world come to Spain mostly during these months that it is often difficult for you to get a good holiday villa in Spain.

Finding the Best Holiday Villa in Spain

Before you start hunting for the best holiday villa in Spain, you need to consider what you want to discover in this country. For instance, if you are one of those people who are fascinated by the wine making tradition of the place, it would be best for you to start hunting for a holiday villa in Spain that is located near the vineyards. Getting a holiday villa in Spain which is near the vineyards will give you an opportunity to observe the way of life around this place and enjoy some of the best wines that the vineyards have to offer.

Another consideration that you may want to take when finding a good holiday villa in Spain is the price. Try to find a holiday villa in Spain that offers weekly or monthly rates to save on cost. Most of these holiday villas that offer weekly and monthly rates give big discounts to guest that stays for longer periods.

A Guide to Goa Holidays

Goa is considered to be the richest state in India. With so many interesting tourist attractions, most of the Goa’s income comes from tourism. It is also the smallest state in the country, but when it comes to culture, history, and natural resources, Goa packs a lot. It has more than 80 miles of coastline and used to be a Portuguese territory, giving its very Asian background a classy European twist, as what can be seen in many of its establishments. Goa holidays are known to be enriching for the mind, body, and spirit.


There are about 30 beaches sharing Goa’s coastline and they can be a possible venue for holidays in Goa. The Arambol Beach is perhaps the most popular beach in Goa. This is located in the northern part of Goa India. This is claimed to be one of the best beaches in India and naturally, locals and tourists go here to swim, enjoy the sun and have fun with the family. The sunset at the Arambol Beach is simply admirable. Just looking at it while strolling along the shoreline, is a very relaxing experience. The Agonda Beach is another venue that the guests will surely love. This is a serene place, where it is just all about the water, the sun, and the great view.


As a former hippie haven, Goa has a reputation for giving the best and most exciting parties. The Paradiso in Anjuna is the best place to check for those who would like to experience the hottest Goa parties for their Goa holidays. Here, the guests can party while looking out on the sea. The DJ plays the hottest music so visitors can simply dance the night away, in the true Goan tradition. Another place that becomes alive at night is the Hilltop. This is a highly recommended place for those who would like to spend the night drinking and bonding with friends over great music. This is located in Vagator and will definitely help the guests have a great time while spending their holidays in Goa.

Recreational Activities

Holidays to Goa are mostly spent at the beach and naturally, this is the place where guests can engage in a number of daring water sports to make their stay unforgettable. Guests can ski, try parasailing, and try beating the waves with a surf board. Diving in Goa is also quite popular. A good place to visit is Barracuda Diving.


Goa holidays are the best time to try the many different dishes that made India very popular. The Cicade de Goa is a Portuguese themed restaurant where guests can have some meals. The Zeebop at the Utorda Beach is also a must try. They serve King Fish curry, red snapper in butter and garlic. Alcoholic beverages are also available. The Vernekar Restaurant is a great place to get some really cheap tandoori chicken. The Fisherman’s Cove is also another. They serve Shalimar chicken, which is chicken served with a very spicy sauce. This is addictive and affordable too. The cashew nuts that are sold by packs on sidewalk shops are another hit. The nutty yet a bit spicy flavour of the cashew nut is something worth trying.


Goa is a shopper’s haven, which is why holidays to Goa will never be complete without splurging on something. Because it is in India, the best souvenirs can be found here, from the richest fabrics, to the best trinkets, colourful accessories and even scented products made with all natural plant extracts.
Some of the best things you can find here are local handicrafts. There are plenty of brass goods, wooden furniture, and seashell arts. Anjuna and Mapusa are highly recommended shopping destinations. Everything a traveller might be interested in is right here. There are plenty of beach wear, native hammock, and several interesting pieces such as purses, earrings, and bangles.


Goa is a home to so many attractions, making Goa holidays packed with so many interesting things to tell your friends about. Probably places that anyone should visit are the spice plantations. For one thing, Europeans particularly the Spaniards and the Portuguese, competed with each other for the sake of acquiring the spices that are found only in the Orient. The Ponda Region is popular because of its organic means of planting spices. There are cloves, black pepper, chilli, coriander, cardamom, and a whole lot more. There are also plenty of fragrant tropical fruits like banana and pineapple.

Another must visit place for a great holidays to Goa is the Alorna Fort. Located at Alorna Village, this dates back to the 17th century. The fort is no longer as beautiful as it once were. However, it is a peaceful site to visit, if only for the peace and quiet. For the art lovers, they should definitely check the Ancestral Goa Museum, which can be found in Loutolim. The museum’s design is open air, giving it a more laidback and relaxed ambience.

For nature lovers who would want to spend the most of their holidays in Goa outdoors, the Arvalem waterfalls is a great place to visit. This has a height of about 50 metres and is considered to be one of the most breathtaking sights to see in Goa. This is located in North Goa and is highly therapeutic. The waterfalls are situated in a place where there’s plenty of greenery, giving visitors a chance to bond with nature. There are also caves nearby which are also very popular among tourists.

India is a very interesting country and one of its most popular gems is Goa. This is a very well loved place by a lot of travellers simply because it is rich in culture, history, and has an abundance of natural resources. This is the perfect example of the union of the east and west—-the merger of Asian and European influences. Goa holidays are sure to be a lot of fun. Book your stay today and explore this amazing state in India.