Holiday Villas in Spain: Appreciating the Culture

Spain is one of the most beautiful places in the world. The marrow twisting old streets that often leads to spectacular views of daring modern architecture is indeed a sight to behold in this part of the world. However, although the cities of Spain are beautiful, the sights that one should seek in Spain are those that can only be found in the outskirts of the city and its enduring cultures and traditions.

For one to be able to fully appreciate that beauty of this country, one should not just pass through this country in a hurry. Staying in one of lovely holiday villas in Spain for a couple of weeks while visiting some of the fascinating places will help one understand the culture and tradition better.

To enjoy Spain fully, you need to visit this place sometime in May, June and September. The weather is mostly excellent during these months so you will not get exhausted easily. Note that the weather can be very hot in Spain during the summer that you can’t do much exploring during the day without getting exhausted by the sweltering heat. To avoid the oppressive heat, try not to schedule your trip to Spain during the summer. Also, you may want to avoid the influx of tourists around July and August. People from all over the world come to Spain mostly during these months that it is often difficult for you to get a good holiday villa in Spain.

Finding the Best Holiday Villa in Spain

Before you start hunting for the best holiday villa in Spain, you need to consider what you want to discover in this country. For instance, if you are one of those people who are fascinated by the wine making tradition of the place, it would be best for you to start hunting for a holiday villa in Spain that is located near the vineyards. Getting a holiday villa in Spain which is near the vineyards will give you an opportunity to observe the way of life around this place and enjoy some of the best wines that the vineyards have to offer.

Another consideration that you may want to take when finding a good holiday villa in Spain is the price. Try to find a holiday villa in Spain that offers weekly or monthly rates to save on cost. Most of these holiday villas that offer weekly and monthly rates give big discounts to guest that stays for longer periods.

Honeymoon Villas in Thailand Koh Samui

There are plenty of villas in Thailand that are extremely luxurious and perfect for a romantic getaway or a honeymoon. Considered to be one of the most romantic destinations in Asia, Koh Samui is a top choice of couples who are looking for an intimate venue for their honeymoon. One of the best romantic villas in Koh Samui Thailand is The Headland 2.

With views of the Gulf of Thailand, The Headland 2 is a romantic haven in Koh Samui. Located in Taling Ngam, this is beautiful set on a hill and gives guests the most breathtaking beach views. With 2 bedrooms, this is perfect for couples or a small set of friends. The Headland 2 is part of an estate and has an access to the beach. The manager is bi-lingual so conversation should not be a problem. As an exclusive villa, this is a tranquil retreat in Samui. The large infinity pool allows all day swimming. Relaxing lounge chairs are just nearby so guests can have plenty of space to relax. Like most Koh Samui villas, this place is inspired by island living and has an open air design. Plenty of traditional works of art are used as décor all over the villa, creating a lavish living space for the visitors. The Headland 2 is nestled amidst a lush garden so there’s plenty of greenery to complement the formal white color scheme.

The bedrooms are airy and have magnificent views. Mostly decorated in white, the rooms are made to be comfortable and ultra luxurious. Fitted wardrobes and a modern bath are some of the features. Rest assured that everyone will have a relaxing place to sleep on. The bathrooms are spacious, with a huge counter and modern fixtures for maximum comfort. Bath essentials like towels are provided for. Toiletries are also featured. The Headland 2 boasts an internet connection and a fully equipped kitchen where guests can prepare their meals. The dining area is very impressive too and will make each meal more memorable and worthwhile. When it comes to amenities and décor, The Headland 2 is worthy to be called one of the top villas in Thailand.

Villas in Koh Samui Thailand are known to make the most of the views by creating living spaces with large floor to ceiling windows. The open air design also helps with the ventilation, to cool down the generally warm tropical weather. The living area features light colored sofas and great views as well. Most Koh Samui villas are too big for couples. This place is just right. If you love a contemporary abode that feels like home, this is among the villas Koh Samui that you must check.

The Headland 2 is considered to be one of the ideal villas in Thailand for a honeymoon. Here, couples can enjoy magnificent island views, be in touch with nature, and have extreme seclusion for their first getaway as a couple. The property is romantic, with an unbeatable tropical vibe.